Welcome to Antioch Baptist Church!

We are glad you stopped by to worship with us today. We hope that you will be blessed by the Spoken Word which is inspired by God and taken from the Bible.

Antioch Baptist Church is a friendly group of people who just love praising God in all things by giving thanks for what He is doing in our lives and throughout our community.

Antioch Baptist Church’s Mission is to carry out the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ by learning and growing together as disciples, by living together in the light of Christian fellowship, by laboring together in a ministry of love, sharing with the lost and caring for the least, and as ambassadors of the liberating Gospel of peace.

The people in our church are like you – trying to fill the void where something is missing. We preach, teach, pray and study God’s Word together as we embrace His Joy in His presence.

In Christ,
Reverend Fannie Davis
Senior Presiding Pastor


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ABC Sunday Service - 10:00 AM


Antioch Baptist Church of San Jose is currently seeking an Interim Pastor to support the church during this period of transition. Interested candidates, who would like to receive an announcement, criteria and application package, should send an email to abcsjpastorsearch@gmail.com.

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